Business Process Outsourcing Services

Orion's business process outsourcing solutions are designed specifically for customers who need to save money on mission critical tasks or re-purpose existing resources. Whether front office or back office, you can transfer some business process operations and responsibility to Orion and receive high-quality, cost-effective service in support of your operations.

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Business growth with BPO Services

BPO outsourcing is an established strategy for supporting business growth, particularly in cases of rapid expansion or shifts in direction. Engage with us in an ongoing contract, outsourcing specific services or processes to augment your growth.

Orion works with you to ensure we are a TRUE EXTENSION of your operations by replicating your training and processes. We also overlay our best practices, listen carefully to your objectives and goals, and give you the positive end results you're looking for in a Business Process Outsource partner.

Front Office BPO Back Office BPO Contract with a US-Based BPO Expert

Work with Orion for US-based support in the Pacific time zone with rapid-expansion capability nationwide and internationally.

Call Center Workforce Solutions

Designed specifically for customers running in-house call centers who also need a source of skilled agents. Learn about our integrated staffing model that couples services and staffing to give you cost efficiencies and a steady source of trained agents.

Industry wide, it costs an average $6,872 to train a new agent. Shift that cost to us and free up resources.

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version of Orion's Workforce Solutions.

Orion Contact Center Services cross trains our agents for quick ramp-up to cover your unexpected volume spikes and seasonal needs, and provides staffing when you need it most.
Orion's mandatory screening covers the following areas:

Our program is geared to maximize operational savings, and allows you to continue to develop and grow your business knowing you've made the right choice to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

CARF International Accreditation

For more information, view the accreditation page, here.

Companies outsourcing services to Orion under this integrated model make a significant contribution to our community. The work conducted on your account becomes an observable vocational training platform for men and women with disabilities and employment barriers.*

Upon completion of training, our program graduates can be sent to your operation to fill your vacant positions. This service comes at no additional expense.

*Orion trains participants through Orion's Training and Employment Services division to observe and train on your account. These program participants are men and women referred to Orion by our partner agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the WA Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Their path with Orion starts with a job readiness and skills assessment, then classroom training to learn and demonstrate the successful skills and behaviors of a contact center agent. After completing classroom training, participants then transfer into Orion's contact center for observation and eventually on-the-job training.

Our program participants are drug-tested, background-checked, trained and skilled employees who know the exact work they will be responsible for in your operation and who really WANT to work for you. This staffing service option is a bonus of doing business with Orion and is of no cost to you, potentially creating significant savings associated with recruiting, hiring, training and retaining employees.