Recognized Quality Assurance Program

As an extension of your brand, we deliver the high quality you would expect of your own staff using analytics-based feedback.

The Orion Contact Center uses technology provided by Interactive Intelligence to measure, monitor and report on Quality.

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Q-Check System

Our Performance Management system has been replicated by some of our customers because of its ability to give immediate feedback and pertinent coaching points. Its predictive analytics and focus on soft skills, conduct, policy, and documentation is second to none, and it provides data on availability and attendance.

Dedicated Quality Assurance staff are trained to perform regular call audits. At scheduled intervals, they select one call recording from each customer-facing agent. These recordings are picked randomly from calls answered in the two days before the quality check. The frequency of audits is set according to the individual needs of an account.

Each selected recording is audited and scored. The categories within the audit and the measurements for scoring are customized based on the requirements of the customer.

Audit categories can include:

Each of these categories can also include secondary auditing areas. For Instance, the greeting category can include scripted greeting, positive intonation, and disclosures, among others.

Each section within every category has a score associated with it. There are also comments from the auditor linked to each score.

Score Weighting

The scores for a category are weighted according to how critical they are to the overall quality of the call based on your input. Accurate weighting of scores is critical to success with your customers, and we'll help you evaluate and adjust metrics during the entire course of your contract with us.

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