Outbound Services

Orion is a US-based organization providing nationwide support in the Pacific Time Zone.

Outbound Marketing

  • Customized outbound campaigns with turnkey solutions for businesses in need of additional sales support for the front-end of their sales process
  • Rapid-expansion capabilities with a high level of supervision
  • Multilingual support (including English and Spanish)
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Proactive Customer Service

Customers value being proactively updated by the brand they're interacting with, and many organizations now use outbound calls as an important customer service tool across complaints and repairs / service processes and product news.

Reach your stakeholders and current customers with timely information and stay in front of your best customers, who are your current customers.

Attract new customers with announcements, product news, and promotions targeted to the people you want to influence.

Examples of Proactive Customer Service:

Business Development Services

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