Market Research

We are available to help you with your customer research by providing agents trained in customer survey deployment.

Orion utilizes your questions to create a customized script that we administer to your call list. Once the campaign is complete, we provide the raw data back to you via an Excel spreadsheet for your analysis. If you do not have a call list, we can provide one through our many partners who provide customized lists.

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Voice of the Customer

You need your customer's feedback about their experiences to know their expectations for your products or services.

We'll help you build flexible, configurable surveys to listen to what your customers are saying and gain insight from their responses. Survey creation is an art as much as a science, and we'll work with you to create the perfect survey for your customers.

When you're done you'll know their expectations, preferences, and aversions and be able to form a strategic response that addresses stakeholder concerns and priorities. Your technical market research will provide valuable understanding of your customer wants and needs, which you can then prioritize in terms of relative importance to your goals.

Whether you're launching a new product, process, or service, the key input you receive from our customizable multilingual quality customer surveys will provide the critical information you need to move ahead.

Give your customers best in class service and contract top quality market research through Orion.

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