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One of the most critical aspects in the evolution of customer relations is engaging with your customers and getting them to move to the next phase in your relationship. Orion's proactive and customized appointment setting services help you attract and retain customers to increase customer satisfaction, increase access to your products and services, and increase sales.

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As the first point of contact representing your brand, Orion agents interact with potential and established customers to propel them to the next step in your sales cycle and to create brand loyalty.

Our customized and scripted services can feature key customer decision points, such as scheduling a service call, reminder calls, and rescheduling services. We also have the ability to assist your customers on the finer details of how to order your products or services, and we help resolve customer concerns.

Our technology allows us to schedule appointments for you in your own system, and provide up-to-date customized messaging using scripts designed just for your brand.

We support a wide array of industries, from the public sector to the private sector, including health care, moving and storage, public safety, retail, specialty food items, and more.

Our process begins with a conference call between you and Orion. You will discuss the details, objectives and specific needs of your campaign. If you do not have a call list, Orion will take the time to assist you in identifying the verticals you wish to target and the geographic region to be called on. Once all of the details have been gathered, Orion's lead supervisor goes to work building your compelling script, customizing it to your needs; training the agent(s); and, setting up your campaign within our phone system.

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Orion Contact Center allows you to Test Drive our Services so you can see we're a top producer. It's a stress-free way for you to better understand what it would mean to outsource this part of your business process to Orion. Each campaign is carefully crafted to ensure that we are branding your organization professionally. We will be a true extension of your brand – fully integrating your sales process.

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